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How to manage the plated products

The coated accessories are subject to discoloration as time passes. However, you can keep the product as it was when you first bought it by taking good care of it. Keep coated accessories away from sweat, water, perfume or cosmetics. Take care as the application of cosmetics and spraying of perfume may accelerate the speed of discoloration of accessories. If exposed to humidity, make sure to wipe it using a soft cloth. When the accessories are to be stored, make sure that you put them in zipper bag supplied to you or in any box which prevents contact with air. The necklaces or bracelets may become discolored in summer as a result of sweat. Therefore, after returning to your home, make sure that you wipe it with a soft cloth. (If it is put under the sunlight without proper care, the coated section may be oxidized and once the accessories are oxidized, their color is hard to recover). The time of discoloration may vary depending on the product’s materials.

How to manage sterling silver items

Soap and water is effective in cleaning the silver. What you should make sure is that you don’t rub or wipe the silver accessories with things other than soft cloth. In addition, make sure that you do not use toilet paper or paper tissues if possible.

When you want to store the silver accessories, make sure that you wrap them with a soft cloth and put them into the zipper bag provided by us. At this time, it is recommended that you remove all air from the zipper bag.

Do not put silver products in a chlorine solution, or salt/mineral water as it will discolor them. Even surface discoloration can be hard to remove. Therefore take care not to let products become discolored.

As an easy cleaning material, we recommend you to use a silver cleaner which is slightly acidic.

How to use the silver cleaner

  1. Put the silver accessory in the cleaner liquid.
  2. Keep it in the liquid for about 30 seconds.
  3. Take it out of the cleaner liquid and rinse it with water before cleansing it with a soft cloth. After cleaning, you should use a dryer to dry it and completely remove any water or moisture before storing.
  4. Although it is slightly acidic, it can cause allergies if it comes into contact with the hands. You should use tweezers so that it does not come in contact with your hands.

Do not do this with silver accessories which are coated with gold or platinum.

We provide a recoating service for discolored coated silver products. However, you are required to bear the delivery charges for shipping and return of the item.

If you do not know the size of your ring or how to measure your finger to determine ring size, wrap your finger with a band of paper and mark the length with a pen then measure the length. After measuring, you can place order with the correct size according to the table below.

As for the size of the ring, it is recommended that you visit a jewelry store to measure your ring size using a ring gauge for correct measurement.

If you would like a larger one or to share the ring with others, you should order a ring of a slightly larger size (or a half size bigger one)

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